Welcome to Bear Mountain~ home to exceptional Cane Corsi

About Us


Thank you for visiting our site.  We are located in beautiful Southern Oregon.  We enjoy showing our dogs in AKC conformation events and occasionally have puppies for sale. Our dogs are truly part of our family.  If you haven haven’t met a Cane Corso, please contact us for a visit.


We were both born and raised in Southern Oregon.  Jerry trained hunting dogs from the time he was 13 years old.  Shelley raced sled dogs from the time she could hang on until she was in high school.  We dated after high school, however ended up going separate ways and after 18 years we were reunited and have been inseparable since.  We both have a love and passion for dogs and were interested in getting involved with dogs again in some way.  Jerry had been researching rare breeds for 10 years (mainly the Pressa Canario, Cane Corso, and Neopolitan Mastiff).  After additional research we agreed upon the Cane Corso.  Even with all the exposure we have had with dogs, neither of us have ever experienced an animal like the Cane Corso.  They exist by the bond they create with their family, they absolutely need it.


We welcome any questions or if you just want to know more about the breed, please contact us.  We love to show off our kids and always encourage  anyone wanting to do a “meet-n-greet”.   

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